Longer tool lifespans and less machine downtime for lathes and milling machines

The problem with plastic hoses:

  • Elevated coolant pressures cannot be achieved
  • The position can be adjusted by vibration and chips
  • The cooling is not reliable and targeted

The problem with curved copper or steel pipes:

  • Long rust/setup/bending times
  • No nozzle technology
  • Cannot be reproduced


The compact spherical screw caps with a seal ring and 3-point support are available in three diameters. The components that are available make individual adjustment to any machine type possible. We would be pleased to put together an individual set for your machine.


Advantages of BESTDO

  • Can be adjusted with pinpoint accuracy
  • Can be individually configured (modular system)
  • Pressure-resistant up to 50 bar
  • Increase in process reliability
  • Latest nozzle technology
  • Can also be used with compressed air

System sizes

Our system is available in three flow volumes and enables the precise configuration and fixation of the coolant flow at the desired point.

  •    6mm ID Best-1
  • 10mm ID Best-2
  • 14mm ID Best-3


BESTDO cooling supply system made of metal

spray pattern

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