BESDTO EVOLUTION :: Cooling brought to a point

Connecting elements, joining components, angular elements and nozzles. That is all that is needed to guarantee an optimized and consistent coolant flow for any custom application.

System sizes

Our system is available in three flow volumes and enables the precise configuration and fixation of the coolant flow at the desired point.

  •    6mm ID Best-1
  • 10mm ID Best-2
  • 14mm ID Best-3

Angular elements

Angular elements with 90° and 45°, T-angle components as well as customized connecting elements ensure a flexible system.


Length adjustment

In order to keep our system cost efficient as well as give it optimal stability and flexibility, our basic elements can be combined in a variety of lengths.


Broad range of connecting elements

We have just the right connection for every application:

  • Threaded adapter (inch, metric, etc.)
  • Quick adapter
  • Hydraulic connector
  • Air connector
  • Hose connector
  • Custom connector (upon inquiry)


Adapters for reducing the inner diameter from 10mm to 6mm facilitate customized solutions. A broad range of connecting elements, hose and quick adapters, hydraulic connectors, as well as a variety of special connectors perfect the system.



Nozzles made of aluminium, plastic or steel are available in various flow volumes.